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AS/NZS4357.0 Standard E16 F22 H2S Treatment LVL Beam Hot sale in Australia

Structural LVL Description:
A high performance more sustainable alternative to lumber, LVL beams, headers and columns are used in structural applications to carry heavy loads with minimum weight. Murphy structural LVL products are manufactured in a controlled environment resulting in straighter, stronger and more uniform product compared to milled lumber, creating a more stable and reliable product than dimensional lumber because it doesn't twist and warp or shrink over time.We can provide a number of specialty services, including the followings:
Private label provider
Custom stamping
Custom packaging
Literature support
  • Thickness: up to 70mm Witdth: up to 600mm ;Length: up to 6000mm

  • HC

  • 4412390090

Structural LVL Advantage:

  1. High Strength

  2. Dimensional stability

  3. Guaranteed technical date

  4. Corrosion resistance

  5. Easy length identification on site-ends are colour coded by length

  6. Faster and easier to install-enhances productivity and reduces

  7. According client's require to produce

  8. True sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation timer

  9. Veneer are bonded together using a type"A"(marine) bond, which has proven performance for in excess of 50 years

  10. Quickly assembly due to the ready-to-use prefab panels and installation of high strength frames without heavy lifting equipment.

  11. Light weight of structures results in less loads on soils and gives way to the usage of economical foundations.

  12. Usage of timber frames and modern insulation materials allows to construct 'breathing' houses, being warm during winter time and cool in summer.

  13. Houses have practically no shrinkage


Flexbeam LVL 70/90/120/  140/150/  170/190 × 35

Flexbeam LVL 240/300 x 63

Structural LVL Applications:
Partition walls
Trussing system(ridge beams, ceiling rafters, trusses)
Floor supports
Concrete forming
Timber frame construction

应用 (1)

Laminated Veneer Lumber(LVL) is used in a variety of applications including beams, joists,trusses, frames, roof, floor and wall elements, components for the joinery industry(doors, stairs, windows) and vehicle industry, concrete formwork and scalffold boards.

Benefits of Form LVL:

  • Enhanced durability and safety(OHSA/ANSI/BS/EN)

  • Unrivalled structural rigidity, stability and strength

  • Proven to last at least twice as long as solid wood equivalents

  • 10% lighter than solid wood equivalents

  • No metal end band required

  • No on-going maintenance or remedial repairs required

  • Excellent electrical insulation properties

  • Excellent anti-corrosive and chemical properties

  • Inherent strength properties of structural LVL mean that it can be cross-cut to exact lengths

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